Collect points &
redeem rewards
— everything from an app.

Andter lets you collect points, redeem rewards, and discover more offers with just a single app — removing the hassle of signing up, updating points, and discovering rewards.

​One Pass to Rule Them All

You have your own pass. Well, it’s a QR code. When you want to collect points after completing a purchase, simply scan your pass. The points will be credited to your account instantly. Really, it’s so easy! You can scan the same pass at any participating stores.

No more multiple cards with multiple complicated codes!


Get Essential Store Details

Remember when you want to know whether the store is open until late? And you have to do tedious googling? Say no more! Everything that you need to know now is just a few taps away. Get the address with navigations, Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter.

Also find out rewards that they got to offer.


Don’t Miss Anything

You missed the last sale? That’s too bad :(. Next time, let us help you! Get instant notification on your phone when the stores you are a member to posted a new rewards or organizing a sale.

Some rewards may be time-limited. So you don’t want to miss that too, right?


Carrying tonnes of cards for all of your favourite brands are such a hassle. With Andter, everything is at the tip of your finger. Scan - Collect - Redeem.

Full of Rewards

A huge list of merchants are supporting Andter, meaning that you have lots of choices to choose from. Forget about ‘free tissues’, our merchants are offering something which is way better.

Accessible to any of your mobile devices

You don’t have to worry about keeping receipts and loyalty cards. Everything is stored in the cloud, so if you’ve decided to get a new iPhone or Android phone, simply download Andter.

It’s so simple to use

All you have to do is scan your profile’s QR code. All the records are kept automatically for you. You can keep the receipt in your wallet; Andter is here to keep your point records for you.

Discover available rewards at your fingertip

We all hate walking and asking questions. Andter comes with a Discover page so that you can discover new rewards while enjoying a cup of coffee. Let your finger do the browsing.

Absolutely Free. Forever.

The best part about Andter is that it’s an absolutely free app which you can download from App Store or Play Store. A free app that helps you to collect points and get free stuffs, isn’t that what we all crave for?

Download Andter

Let’s collect point and redeem your free gifts, because
loyal customers deserves nothing but the best.
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